2016. Client: PICUV

Graphic identity of Encontres, Cultura als Barris per a fer Ciutat.

Arranged by the Plataforma d’Iniciatives Culturals Urbanes de València, Encontres joins during three days nine urban festivals of Valencia, Spain, for introducing their scenic and artistic proposals and also for discussing, divulging and claiming the cultural value of districts.

We created the logo using the nine letters of the word, which are nine festivals coming to a meeting point. In the animated version of the logo the form of that point changes its shape, turning into unlimited geometrical forms for talking about the variety of proposals and approaches in the platform.

The eclectic features of the festival are also present in the posters, in which various backgrounds are generated like kaleidoscopic patterns. The result is a graphic universe created due to the synergies between the festivals.

The identity is also a tribute to the Valencian mosaic, very present in Cabanyal neighborhood, where Encontres takes place.

Project made with Cristina Latorre.